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Happy owners of one of CT House Buy renovations

Jose and his team did a fantastic job! Our house is beautiful – anyone looking for a builder with a strong attention to detail, quality and overall craftsmanship should look to CT House Buy LLC and his team

Jonathan & Laura Cooper, Buyer

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Happy owners of one of CT House Buy rehabs

Upon stepping foot into our now home, we knew it was something special. Jose welcomed us into the house, which at that point was not finished. He toured the home for nearly an hour with us answering all of our questions and explaining his vision. We could see his vision with the beautiful work that had already been completed. Throughout the home buying process we made requests that Jose and his men fulfilled. He worked with us and helped my fiancé and I feel comfortable moving into this house (as we were first time home buyers trying our best to navigate). Jose was gracious and a man of his word. It was certainly a pleasant experience working with CT House Buy LLC and we are loving turning this house into our home!

Lauren & Scott Dwelle, Buyer


First I would like to say what a great job you did on the house next door to me. I wasn’t sure what to expect when the CT House Buy sign went up, but was pleasantly surprised when you introduced yourself and explained your plans. You completely transformed that house and it is beautiful. My new neighbor is very lucky to have such an updated home. Your improvements to that property helped increase the value of the properties around it, including mine!

Second, I would like to thank you for all the time, effort and guidance that you provided to me. Your knowledge about the current market environment and various methods to sell is extraordinary and I appreciate the time you took to help educate me. It speaks to your honesty and integrity that you recommended other means for me to consider when selling my house. It shows that you are more concerned with doing right by people than putting dollars in your pocket. I will certainly recommend you and your company to anyone when they are considering selling their home.

Warmest Regards,

Gretchen Brunner, Neighbor

What makes a beautiful neighborhood is what you can see first which are its well maintained houses, and if you get to meet them, the friendliness of the neighbors. My neighborhood has both the beautiful houses and great neighbors. And as good as they were, due to the poor economy and loss of income that affected many households, unfortunately, the house next to me fell more and more into a deplorable condition, to the point that it became almost unpleasant to look at.

We were outside raking leaves in the fall of last year (2017) when that smiley gentleman came over and introduced himself as Jose Imery and being the one who had purchased that next door house for renovation. He told us that, according to the timeline, the work should be completed by May 2018. We were both excited for the facelift the house would get and anxious to see the final product.

Soon, the activities started. Being right next door, we saw firsthand how things got really busy very quickly, as the trucks made their way in and out of the site. One thing that we can always remember, things were kept pretty much within the expected decent norm and the noise levels were very manageable.

Whenever we would get a chance to talk, Jose would willingly give us an update on what already appeared to be moving smoothly and would ask us to make sure that things were not becoming too much for us during the renovation process. We reassured him that all was well. As things were moving towards the end, it was time for us to inquire from him about our potential future neighbors. Jose reassured us that he was going to work hard and try to get us good neighbors, and he surely did keep that promise.

Before the house went into market, he kindly gave the neighbors the opportunity to see the final product. WOW! WOW! WOW!

Having known and seen the last stages of the before of that deteriorated house, personally we could not anticipate the after to be what we saw. Everything was professional and tastefully done. We knew it would be nice, but never did we expect to see what we saw. And when we got to meet the new neighbors, we felt that we should not have any more reasons to be concerned. Thank You Lord and thank you Jose!

Jose, I know that with your neatness, your great taste, your gentleness, your pleasantness, your great work ethics, your professionalism things can only move upward and forward for you and your business!

Be blessed and stay blessed!

Jean-Claude & Mireille, Neighbor

Having worked with Jose Imery from CT House Buy on several projects, I’ve really enjoyed his high level of integrity, attention to detail, and work ethic. My experiences from doing home construction for 20 years have taught me to beware of those who try to cut corners to save a dollar. Working with CT House Buy was quite the opposite. They provided us with ample time to complete our project the right way and followed through with a prompt payment schedule. We look forward to having the opportunity to work with CT House Buy again in the near future as they continue to grow.

Albert Rodrigues

ARod Construction LLC, Contractor

I loved working with CT House Buy LLC. I was very impressed with their professionalism, and that they had in place all the paperwork needed. The great thing was that they went out of their way to make things work. They follow up with us and maintain great communication throughout the process. Working with them allowed my business to thrive because I knew exactly what was expected, and I was able to focus on doing my job, without waiting for decisions or waiting on others to complete their task.

Jairo Tapia

Innovation Design Home Improvement, Contractor

It was my pleasure to work with Jose and Valeria and their CT House Buy Company when I was in the need to sell my property under some unique circumstances. José had an initial telephone conversation with me and obviously took an extreme interest in not only my property but also myself, my family, and our situation. He expressed deep heartfelt concern for my family’s specific needs.

José took many diligent notes about the property and he proved to be very talented with the most up to date technology and data resources. It was clear to me during our first “face to face” meeting, held entirely at my convenience, José knew not only his property values but also pertinent construction costs and the prevailing real estate market conditions.

José has proven to be highly personable and attentive. All telephone calls were always returned promptly and he made sure that each conversation was made during appropriate, convenient non-intrusive hour. José has an engaging personality and an honesty about him that you want to remain his friend forever. His support and efforts exceeded my expectations.

José is professional, conscientious and highly motivated to help his client. He obtained the “highest, best offer” for my property and met our mutual goal of selling the property in a specific timeframe. He displayed an outstanding mastery of contract details and documentation. His knowledge of home construction and costs associated with renovations was extremely helpful. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend José Imery to anyone needing help in selling their need estate property.


Charles Framularo, Seller

Greetings from Colorado Springs! Hope you are well.

I wanted to thank you, Jose, for all of your help with the selling of the house, and for providing the two gentlemen to load the POD. It was truly appreciated.

Valeria, I wish I could have met you, but those last couple of weeks before I left were like a whirlwind. Time just went by so fast.

God Bless and Jesus with you always.

Evans Vasilica, Seller

I have recently begun to invest with CT House Buy and would like to provide feedback regarding my experience. Initially, my wife and I met with Mr. Jose Imery who made a presentation regarding the private lending process as well as the systematic approach of his business. It was apparent at the outset that he is forthright, and a man of honesty and integrity. Once we decided to invest, he assisted us in setting up a Self-Directed IRA, and assisted us through the entire process, including interacting with our financial institution to provide essential information. He went well above and beyond our expectations to ensure a smooth and orderly transaction. He provided all the necessary documentation to secure the investment as well to demonstrate protection of our investment. He then provided a detailed breakdown of the cost/expenses of the rehab project, as well as all relative comp values. He continued to communicate with us on a regular basis, providing us with photos and other documentation showing the progress being made on a nearly weekly basis. His dedication and attention to detail was apparent in the immaculate design and beautiful, finished product. The house sold immediately, even before it was listed. He then contacted us, reviewed all the financial details and made a prompt loan pay back with accrued interest. I felt totally comfortable from beginning to end. Mr. Imery was transparent and a man of his word throughout. I am certain that his commitment to excellence, fairness and truthfulness virtually guarantees his success in the future, and I would recommend CT House Buy to any investor without reservation.

Paul Berard, M.D., Private Lender

I have done business with CT House Buy and they are excellent, their progress report was incredible helpful to understand where we were in contrast to the plan. I will definitely continue doing business with CT House Buy.

Sergio Mazzucchelli, Private Lender

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