Weston CT vs Westport life in weston CT

How Is It Like to Live in Weston CT?

When buying a luxury home in Fairfield County, near the Merritt Parkway and train station, most people consider Greenwich, Stamford, Darien, Norwalk, Westport and Fairfield, not knowing about the beauty of the neighboring town, Weston. Explore the area. You may find your dream home here with an incredible, price-value ratio. How is it like to … Continued
Why do you need a second mortgage home equity loan

Getting a Second Mortgage: What You Need to Know?

Just like you have a primary mortgage, you can also have another mortgage. There are few differences between a primary and a second mortgage, and we’ll discuss them in this post. We’ll also discuss the pros & cons of second mortgages and whether you should get one. What is a Second Mortgage? First, let’s understand … Continued

How to Choose the Right Down Payment?

Most people (especially first-time buyers) finance their houses. You’ll be taking a mortgage to purchase that house. Most probably, you’ll be taking a fixed price or adjustable rate mortgage. You’ll be paying the loan over the upcoming years. An important factor here is the “down payment.” The loan structure, interest rate, and payment terms are … Continued
rehabbing vs flipping

A Guide to Purchasing a Renovated Property

Many people purchase homes in need of significant repairs. After repairing the property, they sell the house for a profit in the retail market. In real estate terms, it’s called buying a fixer-upper. Professional individuals and companies are doing this job. Buying a renovated home can be the perfect choice. You can find a historic … Continued

How to Use Self-Directed IRA to Invest in Real Estate?

You need to save for retirement. That doesn’t necessarily mean working hard. However, it does require that you open up a Roth IRA account and consider ways of building your equity other than investing in the stock market. We can’t rely on one income source. The traditional IRA puts your funds into the stocks and … Continued